Charlotte Season 2: Release Date Did The Show Finally Get Renewed?

Charlotte Season 2: or ‘Shārotto’ is a 2015 Japanese Anime TV series that was produced by P.A.Work and Aniplex. Yoshiyuki Asai directs the show, and Season 1 of the anime has 13 episodes that aired in Japan from July 5 and September 27, 2015.

After the first season’s release, an original video animation was produced by the production house in March 2016. The show’s original idea was from Jun Maeda, and he has also written the screenplay and composed some soundtracks for the series.

Maeda first proposed the idea for Charlotte a long time ago, and after finishing “Angel Beats!” in 2012, he was contacted to collaborate on another anime series. The first season of Charlotte received a lot of praise after it debuted for its themes and moving scenes.

Charlotte Season 2 Release Date

Charlotte Season 1 finale aired in September 2015. It had a total of 13 episodes, and each episode had an average runtime of 25 minutes. Looking at the finale episode, it almost seemed like the content of an entire season was crammed into one episode, and it would’ve been very well possible to make an entirely new season out of it. But, that is not what the showrunners wanted, and it looks like they planned to end the show in Season 1.

Considering that there is still a chance that the showrunners will go for a second installment, it will most likely involve completely new characters, and the storyline will most likely be a spin-off one. 

There has been no official announcement regarding Charlotte Season 2 from P. A Works, Aniplex, or Key. The anime is yet to be renewed. Fans can expect an update from the production house by the end of 2023, as per speculations.

Charlotte Season 2 Cast & Characters

Who Are Some Primary Characters In The Show?
  1. Yusa Kurobane
  2. Ayumi Otosaka
  3. Yuu Otosaka


Charlotte Season 2 Trailer

No trailer is available for the second season of the show yet since it has not been renewed for a second season. 

Where to Watch Online?

The English-dubbed episodes of the show can be watched on their official website and Crunchyroll

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