Solo Leveling Season 2 Finale: Release Date, Trailer, Plot & Latest News

Solo Leveling Season 2 was originally released as a novel but with time a manhwa adaption was announced and soon enough its manhwa became one of the most read and popular on the internet. Netflix is one such company and there are high possibilities of Solo-Lvelling anime getting produced and published on Netflix.

Are you looking for a release date for Solo Leveling Season 2, or are you wondering if this anime will even get a new season? We will fill you in on everything you need to know about Solo Leveling Season 2 in 2022 in this article. You will also learn when you may be able to watch the long-awaited new season.

The next chapter of Solo Leveling won’t be released as of now, Let’s look at the current updates. We will keep you updated as soon as we get the news about Solo Leveling Season 2 next Chapter release date. Let’s dive into the latest battle between Sung Jinwoo and Thomas, From the recent updates, Sung Jinwoo has just collided with Dong-Su.

On 1st January 2022, the last chapter of Solo Leveling Manhwa was published. The manhwa has a complete and wholesome ending. The end of Manhwa sparked the debate about anime. Is Solo Leveling getting an anime the first thing everyone wanted to find out?

There are 179 chapters in total and we totally recommend reading the Solo Leveling manhwa if you haven’t yet. We discuss Solo Leveling Season 1 release date, trailer, and its adaptation rumors.

Solo Leveling Season 2 Chapter 180 Release Date

Solo leveling Season 2 Chapter 180 won’t be released since the manga has ended with 179 Chapters. S-rank Hunter faces King of Dragons Antares for the second time. Antares realizes that he cannot run away and settles that score with Sung Jinwoo within Dimensional Crack.

However, Sun Jinwoo remembers the prophecy that Norma Selner once revealed. Selner reveals that the God of Death will return to this world accompanied by an infinite number of Soldiers of Death in the human world. No one will escape the death of God of Death once that happens.

In the past, Selner also revealed the death of the North Korean Dictator with other big names. Her prophecies have been perfect, and she also shocked everyone after telling them that the world would end. Selner also reveals the Gate in Seol that makes breaking news.

The citizens were shocked to see a huge hole in the sky. The hole opened, and the citizens were shocked to see nothing coming out of it. But a Shadow appears behind them. They had no hint about what happened. A HUnter welcomes Sung Jinwoo and asks him if he should have said Welcome back, Shadow Monarch.

He told him that he was not expecting to see him as young as middle school. Sung Jinwoo replies that people would be surprised if they saw him with a bearded face. The Hunter gives Sung Jinwoo flowers, and Sung Jinwoo is glad that someone welcomed him.

The Hunter reveals that they thought Sung Jinwoo wouldn’t return since he decided to do things alone. But he is glad that one step of Sung Jinwoo holds the weight of a Thousand Soldiers. Sung Jinwoo as him why the envoy of the Rulers welcomed him.

Solo Leveling Season 2 Cast & Characters

  1. Sung Jinwoo.
  2. Hwang Dongsuk.
  3. Sung Il-Hwan.
  4. Cho Kyuhwan.
  5. Yoo Myunghan.
  6. Sung Suho.
  7. Gina.
  8. Adam White.

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Solo Leveling Season 2 Finale Chapter Plot

The Hunter reveals that the Rulers have a message for Shadow Monarch. He told Sung Jinwoo that it would take longer and they could go elsewhere to talk. Sung Jinwoo agreed. The Hunter was surprised when Sung Jinwoo got to an ice cream shop and bought more than five cups of ice cream.

He couldn’t believe that the ice cream shop was where Sung Jinwoo wanted to drop by. Sung Jinwoo reveals that he spent a long time in a place with no food and realizes that he will have something sweet when he returns.

He asks the Hunter to tell him what the Rulers told him, and the Hunter talks about thanking Sung Jinwoo. The Hunter also revealed that all the problems have been solved and showed Sung Jinwoo something that shines. He reveals that the Rulers are worried about Sung Jinwoo’s powers, and the human world can’t handle his powers so he can move to another world. Sung Jinwoo thinks that would hurt him and suggests sealing his powers.


The Hunter agrees to that, and Sung Jinwoo’s powers get awakened, asking the Hunter if they want to get rid of him since he is of no use to them. He told Sung Jinwoo that he didn’t mean it that way and gave Sung Jinwoo a letter and that the God of Death would arrive in the human world soon.

Sung Jinwoo notices that it is a prophecy from Selner that she prepared for him. He realizes that his existence in the human world would bring the God of Death. The Hunter agreed to that, and Sung Jinwoo told the Hunter that they would talk next time. The Hunter left Sung Jinwoo alone. Sung Jinwoo thinks alone and realizes that he is the “Shadow Monarch” who saved the world and completed his mission.

Solo Leveling Season 3: Is Going to Happen?

Solo Leveling’s official Twitter account has confirmed the end of the manga after releasing 179 chapters. The war has ended, and Sung Jinwoo has defeated the enemies. The manga writers have confirmed the end of Solo Leveling Season 2, but it is yet to be confirmed that Solo Leveling will return for another Season.

But we will keep you updated when we receive the latest news. You can read the latest chapter of this manga: Sung Jinwoo Enters The Dimensional Crack In Solo Leveling Season 2, Chapter 179.

Solo Leveling Season 2 Ruler’s Power

He realizes that he is taking Sung Jinwoo for granted and decides to take him seriously. Sung Jinwoo landed below that surprised Thomas, who started to think about his past. Thomas realizes that he worked hard to become who he is today.

In the past, he used to smash everyone who messed up with him. But today, It is a different case, and everyone used to fear and surrender in front of him. Those who challenged him paid with their lives, but Sung Jinwoo is different from those he faced in the past.

Thomas unleashed his monstrous form and became an immortal soldier. During the battle, It has been revealed that Thomas is one of those five who survived and borrowed the Ruler’s powers. He starts to destroy everything around him, and Sung Jinwoo realizes that things are getting worse.

Thomas unleashed a powerful move called Capture that almost hit Sung Jinwoo. The Rulers Authority has also arrived, trying to stop the fierce battle between the two. Sung Jinwoo manages to land safely on top of the building. But he is also about to unleash his true powers, Thomas comments that he will finish Sung with his next blow. The battle continues when the next chapter releases next week.

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