Itaewon Class Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer & Latest News

Itaewon Class Season 2 is officially confirmed, but there is no release date or release time for the second season of the Korean series yet. The most important question is when is Season 2 coming out?

Itaewon Class is a popular K-Drama and this show debuted in 2020. If you are also one of the fans who wish to know when the second season will be released, Here is everything we know. The Itaewon Class series has lots of romantic moments and amazing twists & turns that made its viewers root for more episodes even if there is no second season announced yet from the creators because this show has been loved globally too!

Itaewon Class has been a huge hit with audiences, earning 8.2 out of 10 stars on IMDb and an 8.5/10 Audience Score rating on MyDramaList. Critics have praised the show for its amazing concept and balanced plot. The animation style is praised for being both stylish and unique, with the characters being well-developed and the soundtrack being pleasant and fitting. 

Is There A Release Date For Itaewon Class Season 2?

Itaewon Class Season 2 is not officially confirmed yet. Hence, the renewal might not be up to Netflix entirely. Our sources reveal that Itaewon Class has performed exceptionally in South Korea, which means that renewal is highly possible. \

Name Of The ShowItaewon Class
Season NumberSeason 2
Itaewon Class Season 1 Release Date31 January 2020
Itaewon Class Season 2 Release DateNot Announced

Itaewon Class Season 1 was released on January 7, 2020, According to the Sources the show might release date Stranger Season 3 might not arrive until early 2024.


Who Will Be Returning To The Cast

There are quite many characters in the series, but there are main characters:

  • Seo-Joon Park voiced by Park Sae-ro-yi
  • Da-mi Kim voiced by Jo Yi-seo
  • Jae-Myung Yoo voiced by Jang Dae-hee
  • Kwon Nara voiced by Oh Soo-ah
  • Dong-hee Kim voiced by Jang Geun-soo
  • Ryu Kyung-soo voiced by Choi Seung-Kwon
  • Joo-Young Lee voiced by Ma Heyon-Yi
  • Ahn Bo-Hyun voiced by Jang Geun-won
  • Chris Lyon voiced by Kim To-ni
  • Hye-Eun Kim voiced by Kang Min-jung

What Will Season 3 Of Itaewon Class Be About?

Itaewon Class Season 2 Plot

Itaewon Class Season 2 official storyline is still unavailable. But in case the show gets officially renewed, it will logically pick up from the end of season one. The show follows the story of the character Park Sae Ro Yi, who is an ex-convict. His life turns upside down when he ends up beating a bully at school.

His father ends up dying and angered by grief, he attacks Geun, which gets him imprisoned for three years. After he gets released, he opens up a bar in the Itaewon area to become the biggest food company in Korea and seek revenge on his rivals. And that’s where the story goes ahead. Park Bo Gum made a cameo and so the upcoming installment is expected to be focused on the romance of Oh Soo Ah and Park Bo Gum’s character.

How Many Episodes Will Be There In Itaewon Class Season 2?

After a hugely successful last season, Viewers of Itaewon Class are eagerly awaiting new episodes. However, the second season has not been officially announced yet by the creators. With only 16 Episodes planned for Season 2, it is hard to say how many episodes will be in the third Installment.

Are There Any Spoilers Available For Itaewon Yet?

Obviously Not, There are no spoilers for the second season available as of now since the second installment has not even been officially confirmed. Since the finale of Itaewon Class Season 1, there has been no green signal that the show will be renewed for a second season.


Is There Any Trailer Yet?

There has been no official announcement about a Itaewon Class Season 2 and there is no trailer. But, if you haven’t watched the trailer for the first season of the series yet, you can watch it here.

Where To Watch Online?

Itaewon Class Season 1 can be watched on Netflix and You cannot tell whether you will watch the show on the OTT or not. If and when Itaewon Class Season 2 is released, subscribers to Netflix should be able to watch it on those platforms.

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