The Wait is Over: Nina the Starry Bride Manga Finally Gets an Anime Adaptation in 2024

A new TV anime adaptation has been announced for Nina the Starry Bride, a fantasy manga by Rikachi that is serialized in Kodansha’s Be Love magazine. The manga, which began in October 2019, tells the story of Nina, a girl who is kidnapped by a prince for her rare lapis lazuli eyes, and who has to pretend to be the deceased princess-priestess of his kingdom. The anime will feature the voices of Minami Tanaka, Yuichiro Umehara, and Koki Uchiyama as the main characters, and a new key visual and a short TV spot have been revealed to celebrate the announcement.

The Main Characters of Nina the Starry Bride in the New Key Visual

The key visual shows Nina, the protagonist, wearing a white dress and a tiara, surrounded by flowers and stars. She looks surprised and confused, as if she is not used to her new role as a princess. Behind her, there are two young men who have different expressions and personalities. On the left, there is Azure, the prince who kidnapped Nina and who has a cold and arrogant demeanor. On the right, there is Sett, a childhood friend of Nina and who has a warm and cheerful attitude. The visual also has the title of the anime and the tagline “The fate of the starry bride begins to move”.

Watch the First TV Spot for Nina the Starry Bride Anime

The TV spot is a 15-second video that introduces the anime and the cast. It shows some scenes from the manga, such as Nina being abducted by Azure, Nina meeting Sett again, and Nina being involved in a ceremony. It also plays a snippet of the opening theme song, which is performed by Eufonius, a rock band that is known for their work on various anime soundtracks. The TV spot ends with the logo of the anime and the premiere date, which is April 2024.


Nina the Starry Bride is a josei manga, which means it is aimed at adult female readers. It is a fantasy romance that explores the themes of identity, destiny, and love. It has been praised for its beautiful and detailed art, its intriguing and complex plot, and its charming and charismatic characters. The manga has 11 volumes published in Japan, and an English version is also available from Kodansha USA.

How the Anime Adaptation of Nina the Starry Bride Will Bring the Manga to Life

The anime adaptation of Nina the Starry Bride is expected to be faithful and respectful to the original manga, and to capture the essence and the emotion of the story. The anime will be produced by Studio Deen, a renowned animation studio that has worked on many anime adaptations of manga and novels, such as Fruits Basket, Rurouni Kenshin, and Violet Evergarden. 

The anime will be streamed on Netflix, which has been expanding its anime catalogue in recent years. The anime will also be available on other platforms, such as Crunchyroll and Funimation.

Source: Comic Natalie

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